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David Sherman Photography

Non Headshot selections from early in March 2020!

David Sherman Photography

I love how David captures me how I truly feel! FREE!

David Sherman Photography

I bet you didn't know I have a back tattoo. Now you know.

TCFF Industry Mixer

Fun times meeting new people and seeing old friends!

Meisner- level 1

Truest place, most honest place.

TCFF Industry Mixer

Local Actor: Adri Mehra and I at the TCFF Industry Mixer

Self Tape Auditions!

Great times with actor and Friend PEDRO J. FONSECA

MN Web Fest Awards

Dir. Quentin Uriel and self. congrats to Nemausus for taking most awards that night!


Best Ensemble Cast

Gehanna- BTS

Sultry scene with actor Wade Dienert.


Best Ensemble Cast!

Commercial Audition Workshop

With these lovely people, thank you Shannon Holmes for guiding us and making us more prepared.

ZFest 2018

Writer/Director Owen Royce win for The Moment You Wake!


Commercial Shoot, Commercial Acting Class, and seeing your friends. priceless :)

Zfest 2018!

Local Actor and Friend Rod Kasai and I at the 2018 Zfest awards ceremony.

Zfest 2018!

Cool kids on the block at 2018 Zfest

BTS of Hostess

ONE SHOT take :) #skills

BTS Commercial

Andres Cid talking shop

Native Gardens @ the Guthrie

What an experience. <3 #regionaltheater #equitystatus

Theater People!

Season 4! Premiered June 4th!

Native Garden Partial Cast

My boys, Before and After opening night! Fancy!

BTS- Commercial Shoot

We must like each other a lot :) Love my dear friend and actor Pedro J. Fonseca

Hostess- BTS

Gina really wanted a drink after a long night of hosting.

2018 Headshot

Yes! New Headshots by @markbaselphotography

2018 Headshots!!!

Yes!! another headshot for the new year #commercial look by @markbaselphotography

Headshot Session with Abraham Saraya

Easy Breasy Mexican Girl :)


I'm not quite sure you spell it that way.


Rosie was a fun character to play. super smart.

The 1 second jump

All you need is a little hope in the air for this...nothing big.

Channeling Carmen

I have found that working on an action film makes me feel more at ease. #michelerodriguez look out.


Still shot of pilot series Bleed dir by Paul Von Stotzel written by Ed Kurtz. Thanks Seeka TV!

Hanging at #theaterpeople

After a long night of fun...i had forgotten that I needed sleep. While those filmed, I took the time to catch up on some zzz's and look over lines.

TP Snapshot

Matt is so sneaky sneaky


Impromptu shot for Music video dir by Mercies May

by far the best people to work with!

Jay is a beautiful soul. He's a great scene partner. And you cant' look too long at him or he'll make you laugh.


Quite enjoyable working with a favorite photographer David Sherman and MUA: Victoria Blumentritt

See!!! laughing.


The most awkward scene yet



Theater People round 1!

Deeply enjoyed this scene'll see. Stay tuned for #theaterpeoplewebseries #seektatv

Not appropriate

another #whoisgabyfuentes scene


but for real...she gets cast in everything.


By far the most beautiful set up I have been involved in. Loved me @directedbysimone #femaledirectors


The journey begins!

TRUST- the play

One of my biggest accomplishments.


Thank you John Woehrle for involving me in this. <3 you! and Rich Remedios for providing me with guidance.


a Gal can dream!

Pepe!!! from 94East band

#leavingstpaul #fringefestival #mnplays

Jezebeth cast-VR


Montana Ranch-MX

Horses aren't that bad.


Fringe Festival 2015

ASWSLT -booty

QStage series by 20%theater <3 #diversity



A common Manor Cast

partial cast! coolest cast. first agency film audition. they liked me! they really liked me!

funnnnn times

college peeps! #shortfilm when i first met Sarah Parker the sweetest gal there ever was and she's super talented too!!


gosh...i have so many memories of this. miss the cast along with everyone else <3

Steph and I


Steph & I

thinking? about stuff?

Femmes: A Tragedy

Political Flamenco


Morgen and I! <3


with playwright, actor Harrison Rivers. miss these peeples.

crazy cassandra!


In AN Instant

Bad Guys at the Good guys...tragedy. have you seen the show?


cast! it's on!


back in my day! when i first met Rachel Weber and got to work with her. Gawsh. she's cool <3


the Vegas!


smart as a Rosie!


firearm training/combat/tactical...ACTION!


super thankful to have worked with this amazing cast and crew. <3

Ben Enke's still shot of choreo

#reconquista #carmenvelasco

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