"I Have Such Doubts"

Doubt (Meryl Streep)- a reference to how I’m feeling.

This year, and these past few months have been difficult. I don’t know that I have ever questioned each and every choice, motive, in my life. I’m questioning my questions, and unclear written path, my unmade decisions, my unknown doubts.

With these “feels” however, I am thankful. I am grateful. I am thankful and grateful to feel these feelings, to have these questions and to have such doubts.

The reason why I’m thankful is, real life plays a lot into your acting abilities. As an actor we have to learn how to bring ourselves along in developing the character. If you don’t have these struggles in your life, these questions, these doubts, how you can bring authenticity to your character?

I’m hopeful for the new year, I’m hopeful that I’ll ground myself more. Focus on items that matter most in life, and hope that whatever life throws at me, that I can catch it and throw it back. Life teaches you a lot, and we can learn a lot, and what we learn from life we can incorporate that to our characters.

So yes, I’ll struggle, yes I will fail, and yes I will get back up and do it all over again. Yes, I will be disappointed, and yes, I will feel many things. But everything has a balance. With good feels, there are bad feels.

my mind set:


2016 Reyna’s coming to get you. :)


I’ll be focusing on other aspects of my creativity besides acting. A web series, is in the works. I’ll post more in the future. I’m hoping to launch an official get together with Latino based artists of the Twin Cities, to sit down, come up with script material that we would like to see be produced. Perhaps, even produce it ourselves. I did start Twin Cities Latino Artists FB group, so if you see this, and you would like to involved, feel free!

I’m also, trying to plot a way for special guests to attend these get togethers, and maybe grow it to something bigger. We’ll see, I have ideas, lots of ideas. I want 2016 to be productive. It’s time to focus, and create, and create change!

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