A to Zen of Life

In Acting we take risks, in life we take risks. Most of life’s fundamentals also hold true when creating character, and character choices. Giving a character a conscious and a subconscious will provide a unique perspective, and allow your audience to relate to you on a much deeper level. Sure it sounds easier to just go ahead and “do it”, it’s a challenge for you and myself as an actor, accept the challenge! Find the reward in losing… but also as the Dalai Lama states; don’t lose the lesson in losing.

One of the most powerful things in life is living life. Along with the Dalai Lama statements to creating a fulfilled life. Follow the A to Zen of Life. Not only, does it create beautiful change you wish to see, but it guides you towards humanistic goals that are achievable. 2016, it will be my attempt to make the most of these statements, and hold true to my values and to practice these values. It will also be a challenge to incorporate these to my acting, relating it to my character.

#challengeaccepted #2016goals #inspirationtoliveby #authenticactor

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