FEMMES: A Tragedy

Where do I begin?…

Do I start from the beginning?…

I’ll start where I am at now.

Today marks the 3rd week of rehearsals for Femmes: A Tragedy, by Gina Young directed by the super cool Claire Avitabile. I cannot say kinder words to describe this experience. The talented cast Features: Stephanie Messer, Morgen Chang, Dana Lee Thompson, Jill Iverson, Briana Patnode, Amanda Hofman-Fretham, Briana Zora Libby, and myself. I am so blessed to be a part of this cast. These ACTORS are beyond what I would have expected! Seriously, words cannot describe how I feel about these ladies. I have learned so much since being cast in this production.

Kudos to The PRODUCTION TEAM: Shalee Coleman (asst. director), Meagan Sogge (SM), Devin Taylor (ASM), Meagan Kedrowski (scenic/prop design), Katherine Ellwell (costume design), Courtney Schmitz (lighting design), and Queenie Von Curves (choreography)

This is the third production, I have had the opportunity to be a part of. Starting strictly doing film work; I decided to challenge myself and transition to theater in the start of 2015. AND BOY! Am I ever so happy that I decided to take on the challenge. It has made me grow more as an actor, I feel much more rounded now, now that I have had the opportunity to get a taste of theater…and I’m not stopping any time soon. (Except for Musicals, I can’t do musicals, I tried…boy did I try…I’ll try more later when I get some singing lessons under my belt).

A note to the cast and team of Femmes: A Tragedy. I want to thank you all for all your talent, your dedication, and commitment to putting on the best possible show EVER! I am so blessed to be a part of this production, and be surrounded by such TALENT!


It definitely gives me a high boost of confidence…like…”yeah! I got cast in this amazing project, alongside with such talented individuals, I must be doing something right!”

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