FEMMES: A TRAGEDY & Reflections

The day after…

Holy Cow! I have all these immense feelings creeping over me, and it’s going to be difficult to move forward. Over these last couple of months I have gained such insight and knowledge. I don’t think I will ever be the same again. Each person I had the chance to meet, I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful that you entered my life. I’m blessed that I had the opportunity to get to meet you, share the stage with you, go out to dinners with you, and go on adventurous outings with you. I’m emotionally invested in each individual I had the chance to know, some individuals more than others and it’s okay!

I am saddened to know that there may not be a chance for our group of cast and crew to work together again in the future. We may bump into each other, or work separately with individuals, but to have everyone work on the same project will most likely not happen. So as a tribute to everyone who has impacted me while working on Femmes: A Tragedy, here’s a little something something I concocted. Please enjoy! I will also be posting all the images I took behind stage on my FB page. www.facebook.com/ReynaRActress

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