Somewhere in Time

Fellow people of Earth!

It’s been a while since I last posted. I wanted to write down my thoughts before I forget. I recently watched again beautiful love movie with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour; SOMEWHERE IN TIME. It’s a story of 2 souls who met under different times, and Richard (Christopher Reeve) travels back to meet his lost love actress Elisa Mckenna (Jane Seymour) 50+ years in the past.

After watching this film, it once again opened my mind to think beyond what I currently know and understand to be true. Time travel is not yet possible, but the possibility is there. I guess what I’m trying to state is this: I went to sleep with this deep thought “I don’t want to forget the life I have lived after I pass.”

I want to remember those I have met, I want to remember my love; Gary. I hope when I pass on to my next life, that I re-encounter my love. I know I have met him before. It was an instant connection when we first met, oh, 9 years ago. I want to remember the worse times of life, and the best times. I know that when I pass, I will not be able to take these memories with me… Oh, how I wish I could.

I know I will live again and if I could pass a message on to my “next self”…. what would my message be? Would my message consist of positive words of encouragement such as “You can do it!” or “Don’t ever stop believing in yourself.”??? Would it be, “Live the life you wish to live”. It’s at this point, that I’ve decided; I will try and live the most authentic life. No shiny mirrors, simply put, I WILL LIVE MY LIFE AS I SHOULD UNDER THESE CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. I will make life choices based on my specific circumstances. After all, art imitates life. I want to be an authentic actor, and I believe I can be… by truly being open and an authentic human being.

I end this post by posing you a question: “If you could life your life all over again, would you?”

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