Good morning all reading this!

It’s about 9 am CT, and I’m writing this every so cautiously. Over the last few weeks, there have been changes, GREAT CHANGES I may add. But, something doesn’t feel quite right at times. So I pose these inner thoughts…


So I have recently been stuck in this little mental rut, where I’m seeing my friends’ successes starting to impact me. I can’t help but feel a sense of envy, jealousy! But they’re my friends, and I should be happy for them, and in a way of I AM happy for them. They are getting the opportunities because they’re doing something right, they are working towards their goal because they are determined and motivated…..

This may sound a bit venting and childlike…”I WANT THE ATTENTION” “WHY CAN’T IT BE ME?!”

—well young Reyna…it’s not quite your time yet.

I have answered this on my own, spent countless times browsing other articles online about how to deal with feelings of jealousy and envy. Even browsing through Psychology today to get a better sense of my mental stability.

As an actor, I must know…as a HUMAN, I must know these feelings of jealousy are mixture of several types of emotions (frustration, anger, sadness, resentment). I understand these feelings, and have processed these emotions to this enlightened thought: My time will come, It is not my time yet to have this “success”. With that said, I am so willing to start putting the extra work in to really start to embrace the acting journey, focus on my own journey, and EMBRACE my friend’s successes. We’re all in this together. And, as a thought, they might be feeling the same way about their own friends.

My closing statement to you creatives out there:

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