caffeinated concepts: the journey begins

It’s Thursday night, I am hyped up on caffeine and writing this up instead of sleeping.

So! after having a meaningful meeting with a great friend and local Twin Cities Filmmaker/cinematographer/producer/editor, Aswar Rahman ( We exchanged and spoke of alternative ideas related to our local film market, our creative processes, opinions, and other miscellaneous life updates. I left our get together feeling: pensive, inspired, challenged, welcomed, and hopeful for my future. That’s when I started to think deep about my own creative processes and what my goals should be related to what I am about to write next…

Creative Concepts:

I have recently been working with fellow friend and co-writer, Michael Sodergren, on a new scripted series; title not yet official (we’ll call it “Juvenile” for now). I can tell you this; a bit of Sci-Fi meets a little action there AND VOILA! “Juvenile”. I will keep it vague to not share too much information about this, as it’s still in development.

My Hopes for this project?

Well, I have the intention of reaching out to the right people and making those connections to come up with a game plan that will benefit all involved. I am hoping that Snowbate is still up and running by then… BUT NO FEAR! I am confident that work will flow, and creative concepts will be applied, leading to a successful start of a wonderful business opportunity.

Michael and I are hoping to be able to shoot a teaser trailer, to raise funds to be able to fully produce the first season of “Juvenile”.

I think this is something that will challenge me. Challenge me how you might ask?

Well, it would require my undivided attention and focus. It would require my spare energy to solely dedicate on commit to this one project to see it through to Season 1.

Switching subjects back to Snowbate!

…have you e-mailed and called your local legislature about Snowbate? If you have not, it’s vital that you do, and that we get them to see the importance of having tax incentives and credits to maintain MN a competitor in this industry.

On another note, browsing online, I found some insightful articles throughout the night that make me be even more passionate towards creating film opportunities here in the state of Minnesota.,-Advertising,-PR-and-Media/Take-Two?page=3 (read the 4 articles related to film in MN)

Also…IRRRB, another good resource…did you know there’s also a thing called Angel Tax Credits. I will have to read more about it.

I think I have ranted long enough…I feel the caffeine wearing off. Till then! Please e-mail your local legislators regarding Snowbate!

Good night,


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