It's been quiet for a while. Let me catch you up on the latest.

I have accomplished taking some singing lessons, which was something I wanted to do as a goal for myself this year. I completed a 6 week workshop at the Ordway for Musical Theater Training. It was fun! I didn't get too much out of it, but did get out of my own personal comfort level. Aka SINGING IN PUBLIC. so you could say I got SOMETHING out of it. :)

You know...Lately, I've been struggling to figure out exactly what it is that I want to put out to the public. The thoughts of self-doubt, insecurity and self awareness has been a constant lately. I'm not quite sure how to get over it. I keep thinking to myself...you're doing just fine. You're accomplishing plenty. But...it just doesn't feel that way.

It's been hit and miss with acting projects. I'm either super busy where I don't have enough time to gather my thoughts and organize myself. Or I get into this slump or "slow season" and I start to question everything I'm doing. (send me a nice message. <3 )

I'm in the TWEEN of acting projects. I'm hoping to finish last scene for Pilot Sereis "Bleed". (I really want to cut my hair...it's too long) it's been put off for several months and ready to finish this, and re-start the process over again if it gets picked up.

ALSO. I'm been working for free on a few projects that I really find value to.. I want to make sure that any projects I work on are going to feed my heart/mind/soul/emotions. (So if you have a script and you're looking for someone, let me know. i'd love to read it if you want me...pay me! or pay me something in love/copy/food/gas/collaboration points, something...SOMETHING) That's the other thing. Value yourself. There are a lot of good projects out there that I want to be involved in. but then at the same time HOW MUCH IS MY TIME WORTH? If i'm putting for the effort, I feel I should be fairly compensated. right? am I wrong for writing this?

Current projects. a couple of short films (pending scheduling confirmation) and a couple of public readings. I get paid $20 bucks for one! Heck yes! oh, and hopefully $30 bucks on another. Hey...it's something. Considering I haven't really made much of anything over the start of the new year. Lastly...Guthrie (Native Gardens) not the lead, but it's a role non the less. I move forward.

Anyway. I'm ranting.


Also...wtf with politics? wtf united? wtf syria? wtf world? Animals I'm sorry, MOTHER EARTH i'm Sorry.


writing your own work is challenging. I can and am just as capable of being a romantic interest or the bad as warrior, a lunatic, a witch, the cheerleader.

Byeeeee. Till next time. <3

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