oh my Gosh! You people are in for a treat!.

Theater People Season 4 only on @SeekaTV you'll get to see me as #whoisGabyFuentes premiering June 5th! Catch up on the previous Season 1- 3. VISIT!

As an actor #theaterpeople was certainly the cherry on top to my continued and flourishing acting career in the Twin Cities.

I SO enjoyed working with THESE super talented individuals. It gave me such a feeling of validation that I'm dong something right. I'd like to Thank @MatthewGAnderson for bringing me along for the ride, and his creation. Thank you to everyone I had the pleasure of working, for being welcoming, supportive, and just SWEET people to work with. <3

I hope to that #whoisGabyFuentes makes a come-back for next season's to come! Let's cross our fingers/toes/legs/eyes

#twinCities #theaterpeople #actor #latina #minneapolis

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