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I am an experienced Minnesota based actor and have appeared on screen in multiple indie film productions which most recently include. THE PART WE KEEP, Dir by Owen Royce, DEARLY DEPARTED, Dir. By Carlos Omar De Leon and several others.  In addition to on screen acting, I also have experience working in the theater space and I quite enjoy moving from different acting spaces.  

When I'm not preparing for an audition, being on-camera or on-stage; I continuously work on other skills that bring me energy and that I take pride in. I hope to make a difference in our artistic community as a: 

For those who don't yet know me--- I have been part of the Minnesota acting community for over 10+ years, my heart is filled with gratitude on the amount of projects I've worked on and the people I have met and I hope that if we have yet to meet, we will one day. If you see me, say Hi! 




Photo by Reyna Rios


Actor, Writer, Producer, Mentor, Photographer, Founder, Board Member---what else?

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