A Actor,  Producer and Writer

This is me

An effusive Latina woman, late 20's-early 30's, from the Midwest. Enters a room with a smile on her face, sleeves rolled up, determined and READY to work.


Bienvenidos y Welcome! I am an actor, producer and writer from Minneapolis, MN, or for general purpose, the Midwest market. My approach to on camera (film, commercial, industrial)  and theater work is from a genuine place of wanting to understand, myself the character, the characters and the world around me. The stories I want to tell are those of people who EXIST only to be their true and unapologetic selves.  My on set/stage style is open hearted, I enjoy getting to know the cast and most importantly the crew (because they are freaking ROCK STARS!) I would be best described as someone you can easily get along with, someone who is ready to work and brings a fun energy to set. 

Charismatic  Authentic 

 Humble   Vigorous

Effusive    Compassionate   Smiley



Written and Directed by Owen Royce, Searchlight is set in the early 1970’s, Richard Nixon sneaks away from his secret service staff and pays an unexpected visit to Jackie Gleason in the middle of the night, taking him on the trip of his lifetime to Homestead Airforce Base to uncover beings not of this planet.