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Secret to Success

Want to know the secret to success? Here is my top 5 list:

Secret to Success

  1. Acting Classes (our work is never done, an acting class will help you grow, train and understand the fundamentals of your skills and talent. Other classes that enhance your skills included i.e. martial arts, roller blading, rock climbing, singing etc)

  2. Having a Professional Headshot will improve your chances of being called in for an audition.

  3. Don't rely solely on your talent agent to call you in for opportunities, seek and find your own auditions

  4. Acting is a business, be professional, kind and show up on time --also file your taxes.

  5. Enjoy your journey. You're going to meet so many new and interesting people along the way remember who they are and keep in contact.

YOU HEARD IT HERE - Haley Jacobsen (Talent Agent, Moore Creative)

What advice do you give actors?

  1. Build a relationship with your agent.

  2. Know your worth, don't give your talent away

  3. Always be adding value to set, relationships, or experiences

Your journey will have many different paths. I hope that you find these blogs of information helpful in your path to success (however small or big that is).

Break a leg and have fun!



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