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Why Having a Professional Headshot is Important

A woman with long black hair with a bright smile.
Photo by David Sherman Photography

Having a professional headshot for your acting career is super important. It is your calling card, it is how people can visually identify you in an acting submission and know whether you have taken the time to invest in your career.

What is an actor headshot?

According to Headshots, Inc "Acting headshots are a type of portrait photo used by actors and actresses to help them land acting roles." Click the link to learn more about headshots for actor and more important information.

Who in town does Headshot Photography?

You will find that a simple google search "Headshot Photography Minnesota" will lead you to finding a headshot photographer that is right for you, your budget and your needs. Below is a list of trusted and known headshot photographers that actors often work with.

Me- Headshots by Reyna (Established in 2022- I offer affordable headshots for actors. You can find details about what I offer by heading over to the Headshot Photography section of my website.

Here is a list of Headshot Photographers who I would recommend in addition, should you require a different style, flavor or level of experience.

Headshot Photographers

Wherever you decide to get your headshots, remember different markets require different types of photos. Listen to your reps when they tell you what they need.

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