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Where to Find Auditions

There are many ways to find auditions. With so many resources available to you online a simple online search will yield many results instantly. For our market here's what I know:


This is the most used site where film auditions, casting calls are posted for our film community. You will become knowledgeable of who is who, what they're working on and what they might be looking for. Check out these facebook groups that cater to acting audition opportunities, networking, and other helpful information for your growing career.

MN Film & TV Board

Theater Resources

Talent Agencies

A talent agency will help submit you to acting projects and get you an audition for; Commercials, Industrials, Film, Voice Over, Print). Legit Agencies will receive commission off what you make. If an agency attempts to collect any payment upfront, that is a Red Flag.

* SAG Franchised (Has working relationship with the union)

Casting Directors

The following list includes our local casting offices (this list does not include independent casting directors working on student films, other indie films or organizations).

  • Lynn Blumenthal

  • A&E Casting

  • JR Casting

  • Bab's Casting

Other Resources:

Wherever you decide to find your next audition, I hope that you find these resources helpful.

Helpful Advice: Use your common sense. If an opportunity sounds off or there's things that make you question the validity of the post or too good to be true--it probably is. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask other people about an opportunity that might sound "off". Break a Leg!


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