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First Step to Becoming an Actor

After 10+ years of working in the Minnesota film market. I want to share with you vital step that has helped me and I hope will help you on your journey into becoming an actor. This basic understanding will guide you through the course of your own acting career. This process repeats itself and you will find yourself most often than not having to recycle through this step for as long as you decide you want to become an actor.

Let's get started

Acting class are the first step towards becoming an actor. It's the door that opens all doors. Not only is an acting class crucial in developing your own artistic practice you also get to meet other actors who you'll form close bonds with due to the nature of the work that you do in class. A solid acting class is where to begin. You will find a list of classes available to you in Minnesota (St. Paul/Minneapolis) that have helped actors across our state become more prepared.

Acting Classes


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